Communication protocols and services

A list of communication protocols (eventually communication services) and recommendations how to communicate by these protocols in the PROMOTIC application follows.
It is only the selected list of the most used devices/protocols in the meantime. With the protocols that are not stated here, it is possible the most probably to communicate as well. So we are glad if users provide us with this information so that we could publish they here.
IEC 60870-5Communication by the IEC 60870-5 protocol
IEC 62056Communication by the IEC 62056 protocol
IEC 61850Communication by the IEC 61850 protocol
BACnetCommunication by the BACnet protocol
DALICommunication in DALI networks
HARTCommunication by the HART protocol
LonworksCommunication in LonWorks networks
M-BUSCommunication by the M-BUS protocol
KNXCommunication by the KNX protocol
ModbusCommunication by the Modbus protocol
MQTTCommunication by the MQTT communication protocol
PROFIBUSindustrial communication bus
SMS-GSMCommunication by sending SMS messages in the GSM network
SNMPCommunication by the SNMP protocol
SigfoxCommunication in Sigfox networks
SOAPCommunication by the SOAP protocol
MaatrixWeb communication with mobile apps
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