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Communication by the IEC 62056 protocol

The IEC 62056 standard defines the communication protocols that are designed for electricity consumption measurements, data exchanges with electricity meters, controlling the tariffs and load regulation.

- The IEC 62056-21 standard defines the protocol for serial interface. The protocol includes five communication modes (A, B, C, D, E) which may, or may not be supported by the electrometer.
- In the A, B, C modes, the control system is active (Master) and the electrometer is passive (Slave).
- In the E mode, the control system acts as client and the electrometer works as server.
- In the D mode, only one way data transfer is available allowing only reading.
- The standard IEC 62056-46 defines the HDLC protocol.
- The standard IEC 62056-47 defines the protocol for IPv4 networks.

PROMOTIC PmIEC62056 communication driver:

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:

This driver can communicate by the IEC 62056-21 protocol in following mode(s):

Communication by OPC server

For communication of the PROMOTIC application by the IEC 62056 protocol the OPC servers delivered by third parties can be used.
For example:

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