Communication by the BACnet protokol

BACnet is a standard communication protocol for automatization networks and building management (Building Automation and Control Networks) developed by the American ASHRAE consorcium (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers), see The main goal was to create a protocol, enabling multiple systems integration from diffrent manufacturers, primarily designed for building automatiaztion.
Data transfer by the BACnet protokol can be done in differnt ways:
- Ethernet: Trasfer rate of 10MBps or 100MBps, highest performance option.
- ARCNET: Trasfer rate of 2.5MBps, deterministic network with token-passing protocol.
- RS485: serial link, Master-Slave/Token-Passing protocol type (MS/TP). MS/TP includes one or more master nodes, cooperating in logical tokeng-passing circuit. Slave nodes can also be included, able to send messages without master request.

The BACnet protocol on serial link requires very fast communication responses because it is designed for communication between machines on the lowest level. Therefore it is not suitable for communication with supervisory systems of the PROMOTIC SCADA type.

- LonTalk: Proprietary protocol developed by the Echelon company. In BACnet the LonTalk protokol is used only for data transfer from one device to another. See also: Communication in LonWorks networks.

PROMOTIC communication driver PmBACnet:

As the most suitable solution for the BACnet communication in the PROMOTIC application, is used the PROMOTIC driver:

PmBACnet - Driver for communication by the BACnet protokol

This driver is used for communication over Ethernet.

Communication by OPC server

For communication of the PROMOTIC application by the BACnet protokol the OPC servers delivered by third parties can be used. For example:
- delivers the OPC server, ActiveX or DLL library.

- PmBACnet communication driver: Created
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