Communication by sending SMS messages in GSM network

In the PROMOTIC system it is possible to communicate with the GSM network by two methods:
1. Sending/receiving SMS messages over the external GSM modem:

In the PROMOTIC system there is the communication driver PmSMS. It allows sending/receiving SMS messages to/from the GSM network.

2. Sending/receiving email messages over the INTERNET:

Sending and receiving email messages between the PC (with the PROMOTIC application) and the mobile handset can be implemented by two ActiveX drivers.

For an PROMOTIC example see: Preconfiguration "Sending the e-mails by the application".

HW requirements: PC with the Internet connection.

Way of communication: In the OS Windows an Internet connection must be set at first. Then it is possible to call corresponding methods of the ActiveX element for sending the email into the GSM network over the Internet in the PROMOTIC application. In the email message a string is sent that can be created in the PROMOTIC application and for example even required data (e.g. about the temperature) can be inserted into the text that you want to send by an email. Over another ActiveX object it is possible on the contrary to receive email messages from the GSM into the computer.

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