Communication in DALI networks

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a standard protocol for setting up and controling digital lighting systems.

For communication of the PROMOTIC application over DALI, the following possibilities, for example, can be used:

DALI converter to RS232 or to Ethernet

The Foxtron company ( supplies the DALI232 module that connects the PC with DALI network by the serial link RS232 and module DALInet for LAN.

For this communication in the PROMOTIC system can be used:
- PmChar - Driver for communication by user defined ASCII/BIN protocol.
For easy integration of this driver into the application it is handy to use:

For communication with the RS232 converter it is necessary to set in Setting the parameters of the serial link:
Baud rate: 19200
Number of data bits: 8
Parity: EVEN
Number of stop bits: 0
DTR flow control: 1

For communication with the Ethernet converter it is necessary to set in Setting the parameters of the Ethernet-client:
Network address: (default)
TCP/UDP port number: 23

In the Protocol parameters window it is necessary to enter:
STX value: 1
ETX value: 23

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