Communication by means of PROMOTIC system drivers

It is the method that allows a data collection via the computer's serial port and via Ethernet directly to(from) the PROMOTIC system by means of the PmComm object. The MICROSYS company supplies a series of communication drivers for various standard and non-standard protocols that can be build up directly into the application by means of the PmComm object.

A designer must configure individual messages on this approach. But the transfer is so quick (it doesn't go about the communication between two applications) and the whole communication is "fully in designer's hands" thanks to the configurability. Available drivers are also stated in the price list of the PROMOTIC system.

Drivers move data via Ethernet, over the optional serial ports COM1, COM2, .. COM66, over the installed phone modem, or over the serial port set in the script by the PmComm.OpenPort method. The serial interface can be of the RS232, RS485 or RS422 type.One serial driver is using one communication interface (COM port), with the possibility of connecting multiple stations (dependent on protocol type). If it is needed to connect multiple stations via different serial interfaces, it is necessary to use multiple PmComm objects.

When transfering the data over the phone modem (the PmModem object) it is even possible to change drivers (i.e. communication protocols) dynamically so as for example in one moment the XY phone number is dialed and then data are transferred for example by the PmModbusMr driver and in the next point the YZ phone number is dialed and then data are transferred for example by the PmChar driver.
If the designer needs a communication driver (for some special potocol), that is not listed in the PROMOTIC driver list, then there are several solution options:
- For some simple communication protocols the PmChar PROMOTIC communication driver can be used. The received data (or data to be sent) can be procesed after received (or before sending).
- Use the OPC server by other suppilers (see Communication by OPC interface).
- Create own (or let someone else create) an ActiveX object, that will manage the communication. This object can then be integrated into the PROMOTIC system by the PmActiveX object. Exactly this way the communication with Communication with AMiT PLC devices (Czech republic) or Communication with Johnson Controls devices is being solved.
- Contact the MICROSYS company and negotiate the development of additional PROMOTIC communication driver.
Warning for serial link RS485:

This interface needs to switch the RTS signal and the driver for the OS Windows doesn't manage this easily. In the OS Windows 2000 and higher it is possible to set the switching mode (configurator PmComm > Settings of the serial link parameters > RTS flow control - set to the state: "toggle") that allows it but there were problems in practice. That's why we recommend to use the converters to the RS485 that support automatic switching of the RTS signal. Such tested converters are for example:

- internal card for ISA bus: "PCL745b" from the Advantech company.
- internal card for PCI bus: "Industio CP-132" from the Moxa Technologies company.
List of communication drivers:
PmChar Driver for communication by user defined ASCII/BIN protocol
PmModbusMr Driver for communication by Modbus Master protocol
PmModbusSl Driver for communication by Modbus Slave protocol
PmMBus Driver for communication with M-BUS protocol
PmIEC8705 Driver for communication by protocol of the IEC 60870-5 standard
PmIEC62056 Driver for communication by protocol of the IEC 62056 standard
PmBACnet Driver for communication via the BACnet protocol
PmSNMP Driver for communication via the SNMP protocol
PmSMS Driver for communication with GSM modules by SMS messages
PmS7 Driver for communication by S7-TCP/IP protocol
PmS5PG Driver for communication over PG port with Siemens Simatic S5 PLC devices
Pm3964 Driver for communication with Simatic devices by 3964, 3964R or RK-512 protocol
PmABradleyDF1 Driver for communication with Allen Bradley PLC devices with DF1 protocol
PmABradleyCIP Driver for communication with Allen Bradley PLC devices with EtherNetIP/CIP protocol
PmMelsecQA Driver for communication with Mitsubishi PLCs of the A/Q/L series
PmMelsecFXS Driver for communication with Mitsubishi PLC devices of FX series
PmSBUS Driver for communication with SAIA and DIGIControl PLC devices by S-BUS/S-BUS+ protocol
PmAdam Driver for communication with ADAM devices
PmKoyo Driver for communication with Koyo Electronics PLC devices
PmFatek Driver for communication with FATEK PLC devices
PmOmronFINS Driver for communication with OMRON PLC devices with FINS protocol
PmOmronC Driver for communication with OMRON PLC devices with protocol for C-mode
PmTelepermXU Driver for communication with Siemens TELEPERM system
PmTeco Driver for communication with TECO PLC devices
PmPromos Driver for communication with ELSACO PROMOS PLC devices
PmElgas2 Driver for communication with Elgas devices
PmInmat66 Driver for communication with INMAT66/51 heat meters
PmMicroUnit Driver for communication with MicroUNIT PLC devices
PmNET0 Driver for communication with PROMOTIC by NET0 protocol
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