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School version of the PROMOTIC system (see PmDevSchool item in the price list) is designated for educational institutions that teach the technology of PROMOTIC system and create SCADA applications. If smaller application are to be created (up to 30 variables and 10 graphic panels) it is not necessary to buy the school version, the PmFree - Free development environment and runtime licence of the PROMOTIC system can be used for such purpose.
The school version is distributed as network "multilicence" (since version Pm8.3.0). It means that the educationa linstitution buys a single PROMOTIC system school licence, that allows installation of the software on unlimited number of computers within the institution. These computers must be interconnected in a network.

Caution: School versions of PROMOTIC 8.2 and lower versions have been distributed without licence key and are no longer compatible with PROMOTIC 8.3 and higher. All schools can obtain new network licence free of charge in order to upgrade their school PROMOTIC version. Please contact the sales department https://www.promotic.eu/en/firm/contacts/contacts.htm.

1. Distribution and installation of the PROMOTIC version for schools:

- The school PROMOTIC version is being distributed as PROMOTIC network licence.
- Installation of the school PROMOTIC version is described in chapter: Network licence key.
- The school version can be updated free of charge to new PROMOTIC versions that are available on the Web: https://www.promotic.eu/en/promotic/download/download.htm.

2. Running and creating applications:

- Applications of unlimited size can be created in the PROMOTIC system for schools and also all available components of the PROMOTIC system can be used (i.e. Communication drivers, INFO system, Web server etc.).
- Developed applications that are greater than 30 variables can be run only with runtime licence. The available types of runtime licences are listed in the official PROMOTIC pricelist.
- The school PROMOTIC version can be operated on unlimited number of computers of the educational institution.
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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