PROMOTIC network licence

What is the PROMOTIC network licence

since version 8.2, there is a new licencing method available in the system - PROMOTIC network licence. With this solution the PROMOTIC application does not need the licence HW key to be present, but the application can use licence that is located on the licence server that is accessible via network connection.

How does the PROMOTIC licence work? There is a designated computer in the company where PmNetKey licence server program is installed. LIcence files (.SWK) are then copied to this PC, representing licences for corresponding applications. The licence server that is operating as Web server configures itself as operating system service during its installation - it runs on the backgroud without the need of any specific user being logged in.

The PmNetKey licence server program is available for free download at and can be operated on OS Windows from XP higher. The computer with installed licence server may not be dedicated solely for running the licence server itself and can be used also for other purposes. The licence server itself is protected by a special HW key that is designed specificaly for licence servers and therefore cannot be used individualy (without .SWK licence files) for any PROMOTIC application. The licence server does not work without the HW key.

This solution has several advantages copared to other licencing systems:
1. There is no need to install any HW key on the computer that is running the PROMOTIC app. The USB port of such computer is not used so it may even not be present at all (which is the case of some IPCs).
2. Compared to the licence in form of "SW key with hardware check", the network licence is not bound with a specific computer and can be moved to a different PC easily.
3. This way it is possible to provide licences to applications running in the virtual environment (VMWare, VirtualBox, VirtualPC etc.)

Once you have the licence server you also need the licence for the specific application. This licence is bound to the specific licence server and therefore cannot be used with another licence server or individually. Single licence server may contain multiple licences for different applications.

The application checks the licence availability on launch and periodically during its operation. The application can be launched on any computer that is connected (by network) to the licence server and therefore is not bound with specific PC.

How to get PROMOTIC network licence

If you want to order new licence(s) it is necessary to define the need of network licence in your purchase order. If this is your first network licence then you will get:

1. HW key for licence server. The HW key is provided by default with the first application network licence. There is no need to purchase it separately.
2. SW licence bound to the licence server (described above) in the form of .SWK licence file.

If this is not the first network licence (the PROMOTIC licence server already exists) then it is necessary to define the licence server number (where the licence will be used) on your purchase order. The price of network licence is identical with licences delivered on HW keys/SW keys based on the current pricelist. The PROMOTIC network licence in the form of .SWK file must be located on the computer with running licence server in the same folder where the licence server program is installed (by default "C:\Program Files (x86)\Promotic\Promotic Net Licence Manager – PmNetKey").

How to operate the PROMOTIC network licence

1. Installation and configuration of PmNetKey licence server
PmNetKey licence server is available for free download at After download launch the installation and follow the instructions of the installation wizard. PmNetKey licence server must be operated with special HW key for licence server.
2. Location of the licence file on the licence server.
After the licence server is configured and operating it is necessary to copy there the SWK licence files bound to the installed licence server. The licence files must be placed into the same folder where the licence server program is installed. There must be a corresponding .SWK file for each application.
3. Configuration of PROMOTIC application on any computer connected to the network (with operating licence server)
In the PROMOTIC application INI file, it is necessary to add a new key (line) into the [Licence] section:

where netkey means that there is a network licence to be used, http (or https) means standard (or secured) communication protocol. Behind the IP address of the licence server (or its name) there is the port number (81 by default, can be modified in the configuration file of the licence server) and Pm5555.swk means the name of licence file (located on the server) to be used.

Logged-in Windows user must have the permissons for writing into following files:
- PmNetKeyA.log file of the Licence server PmNetKey
- app.ini files of PROMOTIC application bound to PmNetKey licence server

Extension of PROMOTIC network licence

The PROMOTIC network licence can be extended the same way as other PROMOTIC licences. The customer always gets the new version of licence file that replaces the original (old) .SWK licence file on the licence server.

All licence files are being archived by the manufacturer, but we strongly recommend to backup your .SWK licence files for your licence server locally.

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