License file SWK extending the content of license key

The license file (i.e. the PmXXXX.swk file) extends (changes) the content of the license contained in certain key. In the license file, all PROMOTIC license components are contained (the original and newly added components).

Each license file is unambiguously assigned to a single HW Key (e.g. the name of the license file is Pm1234.swk where 1234 is the number of the HW Key). License components contained in the .swk file are functional only if the original key is present (the key that is being extended by the content of the .swk file).

The usage:

The license file it is necessary to copy into the PROMOTIC application folder (where the .pra file is located) and the corresponding HW Key must be plugged into USB port. The license file is loaded by the PROMOTIC application automatically when launched. There is no need to modify the application or configuration files.


The original runtime HW Key was supplied with licenses reqested by the customer. When extending the license content, only the license file with required extended licenses is delivered. The file is sent to the customer by an e-mail. The price of such extension is calculated as a sum of prices of individual license components that were newly added (see the PROMOTIC system price list).

Information regarding the content of the license file is printed on a delivery certificate that is sent to the customer together with the invoice.

Extension of the license components can also be done by delivery of new HW Key that is exchanged for the original one. In such case of license extension, the price of the new HW Key is included to the invoice - see the item PmHwKey in the price list.
- If you move the PROMOTIC application to another PC always make sure to copy the license file.
- It is highly recommended to backup the license file(s). If the license file is somehow lost, then contact the MICROSYS company.
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