Remote modification of licence hardware key content

The content of licences and their properties can also be changed remotely in the hardware key, without the need for physical delivery of the key to MICROSYS company. This option is very convenient if you need to change the licence quickly and if the licence modification is preferred without the use of the expanding licence file (.swk). This eliminates the need for hardware key transportation - all can be done by e-mail and Web connection.

Prerequisites required for remote licence key modification usage

- the hardware licence key was supplied by MICROSYS for licencing PROMOTIC SCADA software (hardware keys for licensing other software products of other companies can not be modified in this way even if they are of the same brand nad type)
- the hardware key must be of Sentinel HL, MINI or BOARD type, older key types are not supported for this functionality (Key version must be 4.XX or higher. The type of the key in USB port can be determined by connecting to the HASP local web interface by any Web browser - localhost:1947)
- PROMOTIC version of PROMOTIC 8.3.8 or higher is required for proper functionality with remotely modified hardware keys
- the user of computer on which the hardware key modification is made must have full hardware access to the USB ports of the computer

Caution: After completing the remote licence modification process, the hardware key is irreversibly switched to "driverless" mode. Such hardware key can no longer be used with PROMOTIC version lower than 8.3.8. There is no way to reverse this process!

Hardware key remote licence modification procedure

1) The user connects the hardware key to be modified to the USB port of the computer.
2) The user downloads the RUS utility, which is available here (free download).
3) The user runs the RUS utility on the computer whith the hardware key attached to USB. On the "Collect Status Information" tab, the user clicks on the "Collect Information" button. The program prompts to choose the path to save the generated .c2v file. After confirming the path, the utility generates and saves the .c2v file to the computer hard drive.
Caution: The "RUS" utility functionality may be affected by antivirus programs and firewalls. If the RUS utility fails to function, it may be necessary to add an exception or temporarily suspend such software.
4) The .c2v file must be sent by e-mail to the MICROSYS company.
5) Based on the received .c2v file, MICROSYS generates the .v2c file with required modifications to the licence key content and sends it back to the user.
6) The user receives the .v2c file, saves it to the computer hard drive and launches the "RUS" utility again. On the "Apply license file" tab, click the "..." button to select the path to the .v2c file. After confirming the file path, press the "Apply Update" button. The program then confirms the successful writing of the modified content to the hardware key.

Caution: Generating the .c2v file and making modifications of the licence key content from the .v2c file may not be performed on the same computer. At each step, however, it is necessary that the hardware key is properly connected to the computer (USB) and that the user has full access to the USB ports of the computer.
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