Problems with loading or setting the licence

General verification of hardware licence key driver functionality

After installing the PROMOTIC system on the target PC and after inserting the USB license key into the port the key lights up (this applies to normal standard keys). In the Web browser at the address http://localhost:1947 when selecting the item Sentinel keys a graphical representation of the connected key will be displayed and the Blink on button can be used to flash the key light.

1. The application cannot load the licence from hardware key

The cause may be:
a) The installed PROMOTIC version does not have the appropriate hardware key driver for the current version of the OS Windows. For the solution see Compatibility table OS Windows and PROMOTIC version
b) The application is launched remotely in RDP mode (remote desktop). See PROMOTIC system and Windows remote desktop (RDP)
c) Error in the application ini file in the "Licence" section
c) The application (in the PROMOTIC 9 version) is launched in the development environment but the hardware key contains the runtime license.
The correct settings for launching the application are set by the PmManager program by the configurators in the "Tools and settings > Basic settings" item.

2. Applications on a virtual computer

There are several options depending on the availability of the USB port for the virtual PC and also on the administration of such PC (RDP protocol or other).

a) Options if the hardware key is connected into the USB port of the host device and made available for the USB of the virtual PC.
a1) The key may contain a RT licence, but there may be a problem launching the application, because the application (due to RDP access or other reasons) may not have access rights to the USB port.
It always has these rights if it is running as a service in Windows. But in this case, the application is without a graphic interface.
a2) The license is provided by the licence server. See PROMOTIC network licence, Network licence key, PmLicServer licence server.
b) The USB Port is not available for the virtual PC.
b1) The licence is provided by a licence server running on another computer in the local network. See the links PROMOTIC network licence, Network licence key, PmLicServer licence server.
b2) Licence bound to the operating system (Windows) of the computer. See Software licence key (.swk) bound to specific components of the WINDOWS operating system.

3. Older working application transferred to a new computer.

It is necessary to detect the PROMOTIC version in which the application is running. Then according to the compressibility table find out whether the version can run on the installed version of Windows OS.

a) If this assumption is met, then the appropriate PROMOTIC version will be installed on the target machine. and the appropriate driver from The application and any additional components required to run the application are copied. (Database, communication drivers, ...)
b) If the application in the given version will not be able to run on the given Windows OS, then the application will have to be converted to a higher version of PROMOTIC supported in the Windows OS. This can only be done with a PROMOTIC development licence by the application owner or with his consent. In this case it may be necessary to renew the license (PmUpgrade10 - Extension of upgrade and expansion period licence key for 10 more years).
c) If the application is being transferred to a virtual PC, then it must meet the requirement 3a, but it may also be possible to change the licensing method according to 2.

4. The runtime licence still cannot be loaded

Possible causes:
- The application is being launched remotely by the RDP protocol. The application can be launched remotely only if the licence is bound to the computer's OS or is provided by the license server.
- The application (in version PROMOTIC 9) tries to run into development environment instead of runtime
- Hardware key driver is not working
- Error in the application ini file in the "Licence" section
- The temporary license was issued with a time limit that has expired

Recommended procedure:

The license is contained in HW Key:
1) Determine the functionality of the HW Key driver.
2) Run the Demo application (or other small size application) and see in the INFO system on the "SYSTEM > Licences" tab if the license is loaded. If yes (the four digit license number is listed in the "License number" entry), then it is necessary to look for an error in the settings of the application itself.

The licence is provided by the licence server:
1) Check the functionality of the licence server at the addresses (in PROMOTIC 9 version) http://ipserveru:5656/info.html and http://ipserveru:5656/log.html. The installation and commissioning procedure is described in the documentation for the corresponding PROMOTIC version. See PmLicServer licence server.
2) Check the settings in the application ini file see PmLicServer licence server.

The licence is bound to Windows OS:
2) The license was working but failed after some time
This can be caused by a time limitation set in the license or by an update, upgrade or migration of a virtual PC running the Windows OS, that have caused changes in the OS identification.
A new valid License must be generated SwLicWithWIN (this service may incur a fee).
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