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Network licence key

The licence file (i.e. the PmXXXX.swk file) designed for PmLicServer licence server contains the network licence for the PROMOTIC application (licence client). In the file name of the licence file, there is a licence number (e.g. the licence file name is Pm3401.swk, where 3401 is the licence number).
This type of the licence file is bound to a single individual PmLicServer licence server, that is protected by its own HW Key. It means that the licence file is functional only with PmLicServer licence server program running on the computer, where the specific HW Key is connected.
The complete licence for the PROMOTIC application is contained in the licence file.
For more detailed description of the configuration, location of licence files and principles of network licences - see PmLicServer licence server.

The network licence is valid only for one running application. If two applications are to run on the computer (e.g. a server application and a visualization application), then each of them needs its own licence.

a) Licence server - The licence file it is necessary to copy into the "?:\Promotic\Licences" folder.
b) Licence client - In the application INI file (for runtime - PmRt), or in PROMOTIC INI file (for the development environment - PmDev and PmDevSchool) (since version Pm8.3.0) it is necessary to create the section [Licence] and in this section to create the key Medium as follows (reference to a PmLicServer licence server and to a specific Network licence key):
, where the netkey means the network licence, http or https specifies the protocol, followed by the IP address or computer name, internal Web server port and the licence SWK file name.

Logged-in Windows user must have the permissions for writing into following files:
- app.ini files of the PROMOTIC application bound to PmLicServer licence server

- The licence file has to be backed up (archived).

Pm8.02.00: Created
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