PmDevProf - PROMOTIC development environment licence

- It allows to develop application software on computers under the Windows OS - see PROMOTIC system news.
- On Web pages ( there is permanently available the up-to-date version of the PROMOTIC system.
- The comprehensive electronic on-line documentation is included in the PROMOTIC system.
- The created application can also be tested. All components (Communication drivers, Web, OPC ...) are fully functional for testing.
This licence is not designed for long term running of the application. If it is necessary to keep the editing capability while the runtime is running, then it is necessary to purchase the corresponding runtime licence together with the PmDevForRt - Development environment for runtime version component.
- For running the created application it is necessary to:
- purchase the corresponding PROMOTIC runtime licence, or
- for applications up to 30 variables and 10 graphic panels use the PmRtFree - Free runtime licence mode.

- The development environment without licence key (without the presence of the development HW Key):
- In this mode there are available all components and functions of the PROMOTIC system available for the designer.
- The applications that are created in this mode, are limited to 100 variables.
- The development environment without the licence key runs in a PmDevFree mode and the runtime environment running with this development licence runs in the PmRtFree or PmRtTestFree mode.

- The development environment with the licence carrier (with development HW Key):
- The PROMOTIC development environment is supplied with the development HW Key and licence agreement.
- It allows to create applications of unlimited size - with all components that are currently available in the development environment (Communication drivers, Web, ActiveX objects, OPC, DDE interfaces, etc.)
- The development environment with the licence carrier runs in a PmDevProf mode and the runtime environment running with this development licence runs in the PmRtTestProf mode.
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