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The default format for the dBase is the *.dbf file. It is commonly used in many applications, where a simple format for storing structured data is needed.

Work with dBase database
- At dBase III,IV it is necessary to enter table names up to 8 characters at the most (if the name is longer than 8 characters, then the database cannot be opened by the PmaDatabase object). Also the column names can have maximum 8 characters.
- The total number of columns in the table is limited.
- dBase files can be created also by saving the data by the PmaTrendGroup object (if the "Storage type" configurator in this object is set to Database dBase backups). In this case the file name is longer than 8 characters, and therefore cannot be opened by the PmaDatabase object, but it is readable, for example, by Microsoft Excel program.

The database can be filled:
- by the PmaTrendGroup object, if the "Storage type" configurator is set to Database dBase backups in this object.
- by the PmaAdo object via the ADO Provider Microsoft dBase Driver (*.dbf) or Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0. or
- by the PmaDatabase object.

For next descriptions to the dBase, see:
PROMOTIC 9.0.28 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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