Data types in dBase

Data type Length Description
CHAR(precision)   string of fixed length, where n is the number of saved characters.
NUMERIC(precision,scale)   Number (range, precision)
FLOAT(precision,scale)   Binary numbers with a decimal point, that is available in dBase IV and newer versions. The maximal number that can be written is the size of 20,18 (the size is defined the same way as for the Numeric data type).
DATE '0000-00-00' The date and format where the numbers and characters are separated into days, months and years. The default format is mm/dd/yy, for example 02/20/23 for the 20th of February 2023. The dates in DBF files can also be subtracted. The result of such operation will be the number of days between those days. The number of days can also be added to the date, resulting in a new date occuring after the defined number of days.
LOGICAL   data type that corresponds to the yes/no or true/false for each record in the file. This data type is 1 byte long and accepts the following characters: Y, y, N, n, T, t, F, f.
MEMO   data type that can be used for storing larger texts. In the record, the memo type array takes up 10 bytes, containing the information that there is a DBT (Data Base Text) existing and containing the array of separate records. The text limit is 64kB.

precision – (Range) is the complete dimension (i.e. sign, digits to the left of the decimal separator, decimal separator and digits to the right of the decimal separator)
scale – is the decimal precision, i.e. the number of digits to the right of the decimal separator (Precision)

Maximum values of precision and scale
dBase version precision,scale
dBase II 16,14
dBase III 19,15
dBase III PLUS 19,15
dBase IV 20,18
dBase 5.0 20,18

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