Database server is deployed first of all in Web applications. The installation files MySQL can be get, for example, from
Work with MySql database
- The ODBC driver supplied with the MySQL database supports only the static data query mode (static cursor). If the objects PmAdo and PmDatabase use the ODBC access, then the query type must be set to static cursor (snapshot). In this mode, it is not possible to add or edit data by the following methods AdoRecordset.AddNew, AdoRecordset.Update, PmDatabase.AddNew or PmDatabase.Edit. Writing into the database must be done by the SQL statements INSERT, UPDATE using the PmAdo.DbExecute or PmDatabase.Execute methods.
- It is possible to write into the database by the PmTrend object if the Storage type configurator is set to Database MySQL cyclic in this object.
- If the string type values are being stored into the database using the PmDatabase object, it is necessary to to use unicode coding ucs2 or utf8 for the string character pack in MySQL and for the column strings data types.
- In the MySQL ODBC driver the TIME data type of the MySQL databaze table column is not supported sufficiently (actualized 4.2007).

If the 3.51.12 version driver is used, then, for example, while reading the data from MySQL databaze table using the attribute FieldValues the values are not readable at all or incorrect reading occurs.

Using the 3.51.14 version driver gives better results. The time reading is ok, but when stored in PROMOTIC the DATE information is also included (13:28:33 is stored in MySQL, but the ODBC driver in PROMOTIC reads for example 2007.04.28 13:28:33).

The database can be filled:
- by the PmTrend object, if the Storage type configurator is set in this object to Database MySQL cyclic
- by the PmAdo object
- by the PmDatabase (obsolete) object via named ODBC source
For next descriptions to the MySQL, see:
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