MS SQL Server

The MS SQL Server is a database machine enabling to store, process and search larger data volumes for other programs (on local computer or via the network). The PROMOTIC application can use the SQL Server for storing the data that originate in the application while these data can be used later in the same application or even in another program. In the same way it is possible to access the data in the PROMOTIC application that originate in another program.
The SQL Server is supplied in several variants. It goes about the commercial product and it is necessary to keep the appropriate licence policy of the Microsoft company. It can be used any version of the SQL Server in the PROMOTIC system, including versions of MS SQL Server Express or MS SQL Server Compact, which are free of charge. The PROMOTIC system can access several SQL Servers at a time.

The database can be filled:
- by the PmaTrendGroup object, if in this object the "Storage type" configurator is set to Database MS SQL server cyclic or Database MS SQL server backups (obsolete)
- by the PmaAlarmGroup object, if in this object the "Storage type" configurator is set to MS SQL database
- by the PmaAdo object
- by the PmaDatabase object (obsolete) via named ODBC source

For next descriptions to the MS SQL Server, see:
PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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