PmDdAdmin - administration of SQL databases

The usage

PmDbAdmin is a tool that serves for simple administration of databases (at present only MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server Compact - description, Installation and management). It is adjusted first of all to the administration connected with PROMOTIC system needs to these databases.
The tool uses the graphic HTML interface and the ADO interface, the technology from Microsoft, is used for accessing databases.

The PmDbAdmin application is located by default in the \Promotic\Tools\PmDbAdmin folder (PmDbAdmin.chm).

First start of PmDbAdmin tool

The first usage of the tool assumes that one version of the SQL database server was installed - see MSSQL.Install and that this server is local or accessible in LAN network. Further, it is advisable to register the usage of the ADO technology in the Windows registry editor. By this, the security notifications that warn users about using ADO, are disabled. The registration is done by the confirmation in the window called by the 'Registration ActiveX ADO' link on the opening page. On the opening page there is also preset the login window by default that assumes the location of the database server to the local computer (otherwise the name of the database server in the network), the user name is sa (system administrator) and the user password is blank. The connection is done by the "Connect to the server" button or by the Enter key confirmation.

After connection on the "Information" tab the information whether the server is configured by the PROMOTIC system, is marked.
In the administration mode sa there is then the possibility to make or remove this configuration.
These actions have nearly the same function as the configuration operations described in MSSQL.Install. The only difference is the possibility to change preset passwords for created user accounts.

Pm9.00.08: Bugfix for SQL Server 2017 - sometimes it was not possible to create or delete a database.
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