List of statements and stored procedures of the MS SQL Server database language

ALTER TABLE Change the structure of an existing database table. It is possible to add, delete or change the column.
BACKUP DATABASE Database backup
CREATE TABLE Creates new database table
DELETE Delete rows in the table
DROP TABLE Delete database table
INSERT Adds new record into the database table
RESTORE DATABASE Restore the database from the backup
SELECT Data query. The result is always in the table form.
sp_addlogin Creates a login account for the connection to the SQL Server instance with using the SQL Server authentication
sp_addrolemember Adds an account as a database role member of the SQL Server in the current database
sp_addsrvrolemember Adds an account as a fixed role member of the SQL Server
sp_grantdbaccess Enable an access of the specified login account to the current database
sp_password Change the password of the login account
sp_rename Change the name of a user created object (table, column, etc.) in the current database
sp_tables Returns a list of objects that can appear in the clause FROM (table, view)
UPDATE Change values in the existing table record
USE Change the database context (current, default database)
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