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sp_addlogin - statement of language DB_MSSQL

Creates a login account for connection to the SQL Server instance with using the SQL Server authentication.

  [@loginame =] 'login'
  [, [@passwd =] 'password']
  [, [@defdb =] 'database']
  [, [@deflanguage =] 'language']
  [, [@sid = ] sid]
  [, [@encryptopt =] 'encryption_option']

@loginame Name of the login account.
@passwd Password of the account (NULL means without a password, the default value is NULL).
@defdb Default database of the account (the default value is 'master').
@deflanguage Default language of the account (the default value is NULL).
@sid Security identification number (the default value is NULL and the system generates the SID automatically).
@encryptopt Specifies whether the password is stored in the system tables encrypted (the default value is NULL and the password is encrypted).
Adds the account 'pm_reader' with the password 'reader' and the default database 'pm_data'.
EXEC sp_addlogin 'pm_reader', 'reader', 'pm_data'
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