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PROMOTIC 8.0 - Release notes

See also: PROMOTIC system news.

Version 8.0.13 (from 19.09.2011) - stable version

- PmaSequencer object:
- The multi thread script error has been fixed. The patch has also been included into the version Pm8.0.13.
- New "The stopping timeout before termination of the working thread [s]" configurator allows to enter the timeout for forced termination of running item while the application is stopping.
- PmaWeb object: Other minor bugfixes are related to object.
- PmgButton object: Other minor bugfixes are related to object.

Version 8.0.12 (from 25.05.2011) - stable version

- PmUpgrade10: This licenec extension (additional 10 years of free upgrades) was not working correctly if applied via software licence file as addition to existing HW Key (extension in the form of swk file).
- PmaTrendGroup.SaveToFile method: The method for DBF format returns the true value on success.
- PmgTrendViewer.LoadCfg method: returns the true value even if "http:"
- PmAlarmItem.AckerId property: After Web alarm acknowledgment the AckerId property contained the local user instead on the Web user that confirmed the alarm.
- Pm.SelectionDialog method: In the Web panel in InternetExplorer 9 displayed incorrect selection window.
- PmaWorkspace object: Fixed bug: The workspace window opens centered (if the position is not defined in the "sFramePars default value" configurator).

Version 8.0.11 (from 07.04.2011) - stable version

- Web panels:
- Sometimes, the real values with a decimal point were evaluated incorrectly, if the system running the application was configured to use comma instead of period as decimal separator.
- Sometimes an errior occured when evaluating the "LN - Linear function" data binding
- Alarm and Event system: In Windows OS XP, when opening the viewer some blank grey areas were drawn.
- PmABradleyDF1 communication driver: Fixed bug: If the response from the PLC device was negative, then the data transfer stopped.
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: Fixed bug: Had a problem with storing the values of the configuration window of the protocol parameters.
- PmaWorkspace object: Opening the immersed worksapec has been improved (i.e. if the PmaWorkspace object was displayed inside another PmaWorkspace object)
- PmaData.ReadFromWeb method: If the application tried to read Web pages from itself (e.g. by the PmaData.ReadFromWeb method, when the URL address is address of this application), then the data was read with an error.

Version 8.0.10 (from 04.02.2011) - stable version

- Pm.PrintHtmlPage method: Print now works also in modes "select" (printer selection) and "preview" (print preview).
- Alarm and Event system: for viewing the Web alarm history the scrollbar control has been improved.

Version 8.0.9 (from 11.12.2010) - stable version

- PmaComm object: Fixed bug: Sometimes the communication stopped and in order to restart it, it was necessary either to call the OpenPort method, or restart the application!
- PmgTrendViewer object: Fixed bug: on the Web, it was not possible to add new trends manually.
- How to create an application using different national languages: Added new supported runtime national languages: Spanish (es).
- PmaRoot object: The following configurators were improved: PmaRoot > Application > Main language of runtime and PmaRoot > Application > All used languages - now all the languages can be entered directly supported by the PROMOTIC system (see Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system), but also many other languages, that are not directly included as translations in the PROMOTIC system, but can be added by user translated texts (see Fully supported languages in the PROMOTIC system).
- Pm.IsDaylight method: Fixed bug: during the one hour when the time is switched from daylight-saving time to standard time, returned invalid flag.
- PmaDataTable.SaveToFile method: Generalization:
- allows to save data into dBase (DBF) file, see "filetype:dbf;".
- allows to define the decimal separator of the real number (comma or full stop), see the "real.dsep:xxx;" parameter.
- allows to define the format of date and time, see the "date.fmt:xxx;" parameter.
- allows to define maximum length of saved text, see the "string.len:nnn;" parameter.
- PmMBus communication driver: Generalization by the possibility to receive the user values VIF (used by the ACTARIS meter).
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: (for norm 101) Generalization by the Master message of the Data send type by the new "Send mode" configurator (allows to send requested data).

Version 8.0.8 (from 22.10.2010) - stable version

- ExtOpcDa object: Fixed bug: this data extension was not functional (bug since Pm8.0.7 version).
- PmgTrendViewer.SaveToHtm method: Fixed bug: This method is used for printing the trends and in some cases did not print the trends correctly - different colors, limits, etc.
- PmaPrototype object: after the application is launched, the copying of PmaPrototype into PmaInstance was speeded up.
- PmaSequencer.Running property: Allows to detect whether the onStep event is running or not.
- The "Events" tab of the PmaObject object: The "Test" buttons was removed (used for script syntax checking) and also the "Edit" button (for expanding the script editor window to fullscreen). These functions were moved to the context menu in the script editor.

Version 8.0.7 (from 07.10.2010) - stable version

Since this version, the Promotic8.0 is considered stable. Only necessary bugfixes and new features not affecting system stability will be added to this version.

- Parameters of the Pma object: Now can be created also in objects PmaFolder and PmaRoot.
- Macro expression: can be entered in other configurators, for example:
- in the "PmVar > Variable > Note" configurator.
- PmaAlarmGroup object:
- new configurators: Change inactive acknowledged (green) CEASED to NEW non-initialized alarms in [s] (-1=never) and 2 = Hide only new non-initialized allow to configure the alarm viewers so the alarms in the state inactive acknowledged [green] will be displayed in the alarm state viewer only for a defined period of time - for example for 10 hours, so the following shift operators see what was going on previously.
- events onStateChange and onUserItemAction now contain a new pEvent.Context parameter that allows to identify for example the network user that confirmed some alarm.
- PmMBus communication driver: Generalization allowing receipt of data with variable length (for meters Actaris and Sensus).
- PmIEC8705 communication driver:
- Generalization by added receipt of total sums (ASDU 15/16/37).
- Fixed bug: PmaCommGroup object incorrectly receved data from message containing multiple data items.
- PmaCommMsg object: New configurators AutoRun transfer enabled and Transfer period [ms]. For communication by this object, in common cases, is not necessary call the Run method in the timer.
- Web panels: Fixed bug: Some configurators set by Macro expression $.par did not work properly.
- PmgButton object: Icon and text alignment is now working. If the "Show image" configurator is set to "left from text" and the text is still algned to the left, then the icon is also aligned to the left together with the text (it was always centered in the previous versions). It is functional also for Web panels.
- Pm.PrintHtmlPage method: Fixed bug: The preview was sometimes displayed outside the visible desktop.
- How to use a PROMOTIC application on two or more displays: The multi display application support has been improved (see How to use a PROMOTIC application on two or more displays):
- Some windows used to be displayed only on the main display eventhough the window was called from another display.
- PmaWorkspace.SetActive new method allows to set the active PmaWorkspace object and this way to define where to open a new separate window.

Version 8.0.6 (from 30.07.2010) - developmental version

- Prototypes and instances: New objects PmaPrototype and PmaInstance have been created.
These objects allow to create prototypes and instances and can significantly simplify creation and maintenance of the application in cases when multiple similar object subtrees are present (e.g. if there are multiple boilers in the biler room containing similar data).
In one prototype (the PmaPrototype object representing for example a boiler) the complete structure of objects and subobjects is created and the PmaInstance objects then represent the specific usage of the template (i.e. will represent for example Boiler1, Boiler2, ...).
- Pm object:
- Pm.GetSystemInfo new method for detecting the resolution of the screen. It is functional also for Web panels.
- Pm.CpuUsage new property for detecting the load of the CPU.
- Pm.GetActiveWorkspace new method for detecting the active workspace (of the PmaWorkspace object). It can be used for example when creating multi display applications.
- Pm.PrintHtmlPage method: Fixed bug: the printing did not work in Windows OS 7.
- Pm.PlaySound method: Fixed bug: Available for Web panels.
- Macro expression: Re-enabled for additional configurators, for example:
- in objects that contain the "Web server" tab: Web component identifier
- PmaAlarmGroup object: Generalization: The "Delete inactive acknowledged (green) (valid only for dynamically created items)" configurator has new option "2 = Hide only new non-initialized".
- Web panels: Fixed bug:
- Additional Pmg object methods/properties/events added together with the information whether these item are functional in Web panels.
- The OpenView and OpenViewModal methods: added support for opening windows of specified size on specified coordinates (i.e. in the sOptions parameter the pos:xx; and size:xx;) settings are taken into consideration.
- Menu and toolbar of the graphics editor: Fixed bug: The import of complete panel did not work (on the selection in the menu "Import / Import into select object ...").
- PmgPipe object: Fixed bug: in Windows OS 7 the flow in vertical direction did not work.
- PmKoyo communication driver: Fixed bug: It was not possible to edit the message parameters in the application editor.

Version 8.0.5 (from 27.04.2010) - developmental version

- PmaTrendGroup object: Fixed bug: When saving into Database dBase backups the time can be saved with the precision up to one thousandth second. On reading the data, the time was rounded off to seconds.
- PmgRasterImage object: has new properties ColorItem (light color) and ColorBg (Background color).
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: Fixed bug: When the "ASDU information object address size" configurator was set to the value 3, it was not possible to address register on higher addresses.
- PmModbusMr communication driver:
- into the PmaCommGroup object, there has been added a new "Default device address" configurator. In some cases the new configurator allows easier address input and administration.
- Fixed bug: there was sometimes an error when sending values in the PmaCommGroup object.

Version 8.0.4 (from 09.04.2010) - developmental version

- PmaTrendGroup object:
- The value saving period can now be set directly in the object - see the "Autosave period [s]" configurator. It is not necessary to call the Run method anymore.
- There is a new data extension ExtTrend. Now it is not necessary to configure the trend data in the PmaTrendGroup object. The trends can now be configured directly in the variable in the PmaData object.
- PmMBus communication driver: Generalization in order to use the PmaCommGroup object and the ExtComm data extension. This generalization allows to get the basic data from meters regardless on meter type. The driver now searches the desired data in the received message that are defined in the PmaCommGroup object or in data extension ExtComm.
- Communication by OPC DA interface: Improved access to OPC-DA servers on another computer: now it is not necessary to install remote OPC server on the computer with the PROMOTIC application. See Configuration of the DCOM interface for OPC-DA server.

Version 8.0.3 (from 22.02.2010) - developmental version

- Basic control of script editor: The PmAutocomplete functionality has been added. When creating the scripts, the system now offers you a list of methods and properties of corresponding objects and thus simplyfies the script creation. This functionality will be further improved in following versions.
- PmModbusMr communication driver:
- Generalization: Added Modbus data type: R2 = Float type 2 (4Byte - IEEE 754)
- Fixed bug: the PmaCommGroup object sometimes incorrectly received the bit values.
- PmMelsecQA communication driver: Generalization:
- now includes the protocols for PLC devices of the Q series
- now it is possible to use with the PmaCommGroup objects
- Users and permissions:
- Pm.GetUserInfo method: has a new option "what:loguserarray;", which returns the PmUser objects array (i.e. the objects representing logged-in user - local/network).
- new system users have been created $NOUSER_LOCAL and $NOUSER_NET for improved setting options of the application, when no user is logged in.
- New "PmaRoot > Users > Login the local user automatically after start" configurator for easier modification of the application from "application with requested login" to "application with no requested login".
- New "PmaWeb > Web > Strict mode of network users login into the application requiring the use of both name and password" configurator for improved management and optimalization of network user logins in the Web browsers.
- see chapter Examples of usage.
- Preconfiguration Runtime users management: Created
- PmaSequencer object: The Add method has a new additional Params parameter, that specifies whether the added request should run in the basic or work thread.
- HW Key: New driver for HW Key with better support for Windows OS 7 and Windows OS Server 2008.
- PmaTrendGroup.GetValueByTime method: Fixed bug: did not work if the "Storage type" configurator is set to one of the "cyclic" types.

Version 8.0.2 (from 19.11.2009) - developmental version

- Web panels:
- The following methods have been enabled for the Web: Pm.Logoff, Pm.WndLogoff and Pm.WndLogon.
- The way of displaying of the PmgVideo object in a HTML page has been modified. The old way was not working under InternetExplorer8.
- PmaWorkspace object: in the PmgFrame object another PmaWorkspace object can be opened now.
- The "Object" tab of the PmaObject object: In each Pma object the time of last modification of this object is being saved now. The time of last modification can be found in the "The time of last editing" configurator of this object.
It is also possible to sort out all objects modified since defined time: in the Pma objects tree by the right mouse button open the context menu and select the "Find object by edit time ..." item.
- The "Appearance" tab of the PmaRoot object: The "Application appearance zoom" configurator: When increasing the size of the view the PmaWorkspace frames did not expand and the fonts in the panels also did not enlarge.
- PmMBus communication driver: Faster data sending and receiving via Ethernet without the need to wait for timeout.
- PmChar communication driver: Fixed bug: checksum was not calculated correctly in some cases
- PmModbusMr communication driver: Fixed bug: The PmaCommGroup object was unable to read/write 4-byte values (Long, Single).
- PmSBUS communication driver: Fixed bug: by the PmaCommGroup object it was unable to write real registers and read flags.
- PmIEC8705 communication driver: Fixed bug: The PmaCommGroup object was not functional
- Pm.TransformValue method: New option (nType=50) for matrix transposition (exchanging the rows and columns).
- PmaPanel object: Fixed bug: In some cases the displayed numbers were incorrectly rounded to 2 decimal places.

Version 8.0.1 (from 14.10.2009) - developmental version

- PmaCommMsg object: New "AutoRun transfer enabled" configurator and a new the onBeginOfTransfer event allows to simplify the launching of periodical Master messages.
- PmFree: The maximum number of enabled PmWebClient has been increased from one to two.
- PROMOTIC runtime licence: Fixed bug: when stopping the application with runtime licence the unnecessary window was opened (bug since Pm8.0.0 version).
- Menu and toolbar of the graphics editor: Fixed bug: Bugfix: The (Undo) after fast Pmg object shifts has been corrected.

Version 8.0.0 (from 14.09.2009) - developmental version

- PmFree: The PROMOTIC system can be used for free (as a freeware), for applications up to 30 variables and the development environment is free for applications up to 100 variables.
- Price list of the PROMOTIC system: There is a new item in the pricelist PmUpgrade10, that implies the limitation of free system upgrades to maximum 10 years after purchase. The PROMOTIC system applications can be runned with no time limitation on the original PROMOTIC version, but if the application that is older than 10 years is to be upgraded to a new PROMOTIC version, then it is necessary to purchase this new item.
- PmaCommGroup new object: Significantly siplyfies the usage of embedded communication drivers. In this object, the variables are defined with an identifier, that is used by the system in order to obtain the desired value correctly. The system then executes optimalized and automated communication transmissions and the designer does not have to manage it manually.
- PmaOpcDaClientGroup object:
- Definition of the data group that will be shared between OPC server and OPC client to add multiple OPC variables simultaneously into the "Data" tab. Procedure: in the button select "Import from the OPC server" and then in the "Viewing the OPC server address space" window select multiple items.
- better security for assigning values when configuring the object both for read and write (i.e. if the "Refresh from server at server change" and "Auto send to server on writing to item" configurator).
- Trends: Viewing in the "Read only (new records cannot be written)" mode is now functional also for the formats Promotic binary file cyclic and Database dBase backups.
- The "Logical groups" configuration window: Allows to define object groups. Each Pma object can be registered into selected groups (on the "Object" tab in the "Member of logical groups" configurator). This concept of object groups will be further developed in the future, but so far it can be used just for a single purpose: to create groups of object to be viewed, (object groups PmaPanel, PmaReport, PmaAlarmGroup, etc.), that will be offered in the Pm.FindViewers method mentioned above.
- #pragma: When creating the scripts it is now possible to use so-called #pragma script directive. It is used for easier creation of instrumental variable, or for special signs for script interpretation.
- The "Methods" tab of the PmaObject object: Application global methods (i.e. the methods defined on the "Methods" tab of the PmaRoot object) can no longer (in default mode) be called directly by their name, but are now called by means of the Pm.Methods property. The reason is the limitation of the direct calling - for example it is not functional for Web panels. The old way of method calling (i.e. direct calling by method name) can still be used, but to od so, the #pragma option OldGlobalMethodCall script directive with the value 1 (flag of old calling the method) must be used. When transforming current applications into PROMOTIC 8 a conversion will be done: the directive will be added into all global methods making the application fully functional.
- PmMBus communication driver: Generalization for reception of 64-bit float values.
- Pm.FileCsvRead method: Allows to enter arbitrary separator type ("delimiter:xxx;").
- PmaPanel object: The "Open at application launch" configurator has been removed. The panel to be opened at application launch is now defined in the PmaWorkspace object, in the "Viewer of component" configurator. The old applications can be converted, in order to set the starting window in the corresponding configurator.
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