Object PmaReport (Report)

See: PmaReport - Deatiled object description

The object serves for creating reports from HTML, XML or TXT template files.

No other Pma objects can be created in this object.
This object can be created in objects: PmaRoot, PmaFolder, PmaPrototype. Multiple objects of this type can be created in such objects.
The object can be created as empty from the Preconfigurations in group "Basic" menu or as preconfigured Preconfigurations in group "Reports".
This object inherits properties, methods and events of the PmaObject object.
Properties and methods of this object:
MakeReport()Creates the output report (manual way)
RemoveAllKeyValues()Deletes all keywords
SaveToFile()Saving the report into the file
SaveToString()Saving the output report into a text string
SetKeyValue()Sets the keyword value
SourceFilePath and name of the source file containing the report template
TitleWindow title
Properties and methods inherited from the PmaObject object:
AddEvent()Registers a function into selected event
GetInfo()Returns the Info object with the specified name
GetOwnedByIndex()Returns the subobject defined by its index
GetOwnedByName()Returns reference to the subobject defined by its name
GetOwnedByType()Array of references to the subobjects
GetOwnedNum()Returns number of subobjects in the object
GetPar()Reading the value of the Pma object parameter (or its parents)
GetPathName()Object name with the path to this object
GetPermission()Returns permission of corresponding operation from object
MethodsAccess to designer's methods of this object
NameObject name (without the path)
ParentReturns reference to the parent Pma object
Pm()Returns reference to the Pma object or to its implementation subobject
RemoveEvent()Unregisters the function in the specified event
RootReturns reference to the root application object PmaRoot
Events of this object:
onReportRequestIs triggered on output report request
Events inherited from the PmaObject object:
onStartIs triggered for each object in the runtime only once at the beginning
onStopIs triggered for each Pma object in runtime only once at the stop of the application
Configuration tabs:
ObjectGeneral information about the object
EventsDefinition of object events algorithms
ReportBasic settings of the PmaReport object
PermissionsObject permissions
Web serverThe link-up of the object to Web server

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmReport -> PmaReport
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