SaveToFile - method of the PmaReport object

Saving the output report into the file.
Boolean SaveToFile(String sFile, String sParams)
bResult = oReport.SaveToFile(sFile, sParams)
sFile(String) Path to the output report file.

It is recommended to use the PROMOTIC path syntax - see PROMOTIC path to files and folders.

sParams(String) It allows to set the value of report parameters. These parameters are then accessible in the pEvent.Pars parameter of the onReportRequest event.

Each parameter consists of an identifier and a value.

Syntax: "pars:{name1:value1;name2:value2; ...}".

The static default sParams parameter values can be set in the "PmaReport > Report > sParams default value" configurator. In this case the static default setting of the object is combined with the entries provided dynamically. If the same information is present on both places, then the dynamical information provided at viewer opening is preferred by the system.

Return values:
true - Saving into the file has been completed successfully.
false - Saving into the file has failed.
The way of output report update, see the manual and automated way in PmaReport.
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