Object PmaWeb (Web server)

The object creates a Web server from the PROMOTIC application, i.e. it allows the application to provide for example HTML or XML pages.

In the PmaWeb object it is possible to create the PmaWebFolder, PmaWebLang, PmaWebDir and PmaWebInfo objects.
This object can be created in objects: PmaRoot, PmaFolder, PmaPrototype. Multiple objects of this type can be created in such objects.
This object inherits properties, methods and events of the PmaObject object.
Properties and methods of this object:
Port Number of the TCP/IP port
Properties and methods inherited from the PmaObject object:
AddEvent Registers a function into selected event
GetInfo Returns the Info object with the specified name
GetOwnedByIndex Returns the subobject defined by its index
GetOwnedByName Returns reference to the subobject defined by its name
GetOwnedByType Array of references to the subobjects
GetOwnedNum Returns number of subobjects in the object
GetPar Reading the value of the Pma object parameter (or its parents)
GetPathName Object name with the path to this object
GetPermission Returns permission of corresponding operation from object
Methods Access to designer's methods of this object
Name Object name (without the path)
Parent Returns reference to the parent object in the tree of Pma objects
Pm Returns reference to the Pma object or to its implementation subobject
RemoveEvent Un-registers the function in the specified event
Root Returns reference to the root application object PmaRoot
Events of this object:
onNewRequest (obsolete) Is triggered on the request for each new Web page
Events inherited from the PmaObject object:
onStart Is triggered for each object in the runtime only once at the beginning
onStop Is triggered for each Pma object in the runtime mode only once at the stop of the application
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Web Setting TCP/IP parameters of the PROMOTIC Web
Permissions Object permissions
The object creates a Web server from the PROMOTIC application, i.e. it allows the application to provide for example HTML or XML pages. See Overview of the Web technology in the PROMOTIC system and HTTPS - secured HTTP protocol.

Except the objects inserted directly, also another objects (Web components) located elsewhere in the tree of Pma objects can be registered into this object (e.g. PmaPanel, PmaWorkspace, PmaTrendGroup, PmaAlarmGroup, PmaData objects, etc.). These extra objects are registered into this object using the "Web server" tab in the "PmaWeb object" configurator. All these objects will become Web subcomponent of this object, i.e. URL address of these subcomponents will begin with the URL address of this object.

The runtime information regarding the status of the PROMOTIC Web server communication with its clients (the statistics of HTTP transmissions, the contents of the last transmissions, etc.) can be observed in the "/COMM/WebServer" item of the INFO system.

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmWeb -> PmaWeb
Pm8.02.16: Fixed bug: Under high load the Web server stopped working (especially with setting of the http service type).
Pm8.02.00: "Web server type=http internal" now supports persistent connection according to HTTP/1.1. It means that after each transmission, the connection is NOT terminated and therefore the communication is faster.
Pm8.01.09: The Web server has been improved - now supports the persistent connection type (standard for HTTP/1.1), i.e. the connection with the Web browser is not closed after each transmission. This way the transfer rate is increased and the communication load is decreased.
Pm8.01.00: The new "Web server type" configurator can be used in order to implement new Web server type "HTTP(S) service". This server type allows to use more secure HTTPS protocol.
Pm8.00.13: Other minor bugfixes are related to object.
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