Object PmaSequencer (Sequence processing)

See: PmaSequencer - Deatiled object description
The object serves for processing the sequence, time or asynchronous operations.
No other Pma objects can be created in this object.

This object can be created in objects: PmaRoot, PmaFolder, PmaPrototype. Multiple objects of this type can be created in such objects.

This object adopts properties and methods of object PmaObject.
Properties and methods:
Add Adding new item into the queue
GetItemValue Returns values of the first/last item
MaxSize Maximum number of waiting items
Release It prematuraly releases waiting items
Remove Removes waiting items
Running Actual number of running items
Size Actual number of waiting items
onStep Is triggered when the item is released
Configuration windows:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the object in the XML form
Events Definition of object events algorithms
Methods Definition of designer's method of the object
Sequencer Basic parameters settings

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmSequencer -> PmaSequencer
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