Opening the viewer of the PmaReport object

The viewer of this object is opened by by the Pm.CreateView method, where in the sViewPath parameter the path to this object is entered.
Viewer parameters:
pars[optional] (PmMap) The keywords of the PmaReport object represent the report parameters and are all stored as pars on the embedded level. Either in embedded PmMap or in embedded KeyVal, depending on how the parameters of the viewer are used.
The viewer parameters are in the form of the PmMap object that is filled from value of the sView parameter (of the KeyVal type) in the Pm.CreateView method.

By filling from the KeyVal value all the parameters are initially stored as string. The content of the PmMap object can be then modified as needed - the items can be modified, added and deleted.

The PmMap object can also contain other embedded PmMap objects (Submap). The PmMap.mapSetSubmapAt method can be used in order to create a new PmMap or make one accessible.

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Pm.CreateView(pMe.PmPanel, "/Report", "", "target:_blank;").Open();

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