CreateView - method of object Pm

Creates the object PmViewCreator for opening the object viewer
Object CreateView(Object oFrom, String sViewPath, String sView, String sFrame)
oCreator = Pm.CreateView(oFrom, sViewPath, sView, sFrame)
oFrom(Object) The object that mediates the opening of the viewer. It can be the PmaPanel, PmgFrame or PmaWorkspace. The object defines the origin of the path, the relative position of the vindow, the parent, etc.

The null value means that the active workspace is used (Pm.GetActiveWorkspace).

See the PmViewCreator.From property.

sViewPath(String) Path (relative or absolute) to the object or component whose viewer will be opened.

See the PmViewCreator.ViewPath property.

or bath to the global viewer:
- "/#glob/form" = Opening the viewer of the PmForm object
- "/#glob/webbrowser" = Opening the viewer of WWW pages
- "/#glob/infosystem" = Opening the viewer of the INFO system
- "/#glob/filepath" = Opening the viewer for folder/file selection
- "/#glob/list" = Opening the viewer for option selection
sView(String) Viewer parameters (they differ for various viewer types)

Entries are in KeyVal format, for example "name1:value1;name2:value2;".

See the PmViewCreator.View property.

sFrame(String) Parameters for the frame where the viewer will be displayed

Entries are in KeyVal format, for example "target:_blank;".

See the PmViewCreator.Frame property.


This method is also functional in Web panels.


The PmViewCreator object will be emptied right after the script is finished (where it was created by the Pm.CreateView method), or after calling the method PmViewCreator.Open. Therefore it is not possible to prepare it in advance for later use.

See also:
- PmViewCreator object
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

//Creating and setting the object parameters
var oCreator = Pm.CreateView(pMe.PmPanel, "../PanelTechnol", "", "target:_blank;");
//Opening the viewer of the object

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