InputBoxForDateTime - method of object Pm

Entering date and time (depending on the nStyle parameter) using the input window.
InputBoxForDateTime(sDlgTitle As String, nStyle As Long, vDateTime As Date) As Boolean
b = Pm.InputBoxForDateTime("sDlgTitle", nStyle, vDateTime)
sDlgTitle(String) Title of the window.
nStyle(Long) Bit attributes definig window type and content.

Hexadecimal numbers can be entered by adding a prefix: for JavaScript it is 0x and for VBScript it is &H. For example, 0x10 or &H10 represents decimal 16 in hexadecimal notation.

It is possible to enter the following styles or their combinations as a sum:

&H100 - Setting only the date (year, month, day).
&H200 - Setting only the time (hour, minute, second).
&H10000000 - Window will be "Always on top".
vDateTime[for read and write] (Date)
on the calling: the preset value of date and time for the window.
after the calling: the entered value of date and time (if the window is closed by OK button).
Return Values:
true - If the window has been closed by the OK button.
false - If the window has been closed by the Cancel button.
Instead of using the InputBoxForDateTime method it is possible to use the customized input window by using the PmPanel object - see PreCfg - Preconfiguration examples, Preconfiguration "Date and time inputbox" for entering date and time.
This method is not functional for Web panels in JavaScript language (and therefore it is not working in Web panels).
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim dtNew
dtNew = Pm.Time
If Pm.InputBoxForDateTime("Enter the time", 0, dtNew) Then
  'Date and time entered OK in the Date type variable
End If
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