InputBoxForDateTime - method of object Pm

Entering date and time (depending on the nStyle parameter) using the input window.
InputBoxForDateTime(sDlgTitle As String, nStyle As Long, vDateTime As Date) As Boolean
b = Pm.InputBoxForDateTime("sDlgTitle", nStyle, vDateTime)
sDlgTitle(String) Title of the window.
nStyle(Long) Bit attributes definig window type and content.

Hexadecimal numbers can be entered by adding a prefix: for JavaScript it is 0x and for VBScript it is &H. For example, 0x10 or &H10 represents decimal 16 in hexadecimal notation.

It is possible to enter the following styles or their combinations as a sum:

&H100 - Setting only the date (year, month, day).
&H200 - Setting only the time (hour, minute, second).
&H10000000 - Window will be "Always on top".
vDateTime[for read and write] (Date)
on the calling: the preset value of date and time for the window.
after the calling: the entered value of date and time (if the window is closed by OK button).
Return Values:
true - If the window has been closed by the OK button.
false - If the window has been closed by the Cancel button.
Instead of using the InputBoxForDateTime method it is possible to use the customized input window by using the PmPanel object - see PreCfg - Preconfiguration examples, Preconfiguration "Date and time inputbox" for entering date and time.
This method is not functional yet for Web panels.
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Dim dtNew
dtNew = Pm.Time
If Pm.InputBoxForDateTime("Enter the time", 0, dtNew) Then
  'Date and time entered OK in the Date type variable
End If
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