InfoLogReg - method of the Pm object

Creating the tab in the INFO system.
Empty InfoLogReg(String sId, String sPars)
sId(String) Identifier of the tab in the INFO system.
sPars(String) Additional parameters of the tab in the INFO system.

Entries are in KeyVal format, for example "name:Log1;path:Comm/Comm1;maxrows:500;"

name (mandatory) - Displayed name of the tab in the INFO system. It must not be empty.
path - Path to registered item in the items tree inside Debug_info. The missing items contained in the path are created.

If the path is empty string (default) then the tab is created directly in the "Debug_info" item.

maxrows - Maximum number of rows on the "INFO" tab (default 200).
This method is also functional in Web panels.
After registering the tab, new entries can be added into this tab by the Pm.InfoLogAdd method.
Creating the Log1 tab in /Debug_info/Comm/Comm1 in the INFO system.
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Pm.InfoLogReg("log1", "name:Log1;path:Comm/Comm1;");

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