ControlSound - method of object Pm

Controls of the sound server of the PROMOTIC system.
ControlSound(sCmd As String)
Pm.ControlSound sSound
sCmd(String) The parameter specifies the operation (command) to be executed on the sound server. For example "enable:0;what:all;"
"enable:nn;" (optional) - Operations allowing to enable/disable the requests for sound playback on the sound server. It may concern all requests or just a group of requests from a specific PROMOTIC subsystem. Note:

If playback of some sound requests is disabled, then these requests remain queued in the sound server (e.g. periodical repeated playbacks), but the request is bypassed each tim and the server continues with the next request that is queued.

If the disabled request is enabled, then it starts the playbac automatically.

Thus, this means the disabled requests are not deleted from the internal queue of the sound server, but just ignored. This concerns those requests that were already queued in the server in the moment the disable command was sent, but also the commands that will be queued. This means it is more like a status of the server than a status of the individual requests.

"enable:0;" - Disabling the requests for sound playback on the sound server.
"enable:1;" - Enabling the requests for sound playback on the sound server.
"what:xx;" (optional) - Allows to limit the operation ("enable:nn;") only to requests for sound playback received from a specific PROMOTIC subsystem.
"what:all;" - The operation concerns all sound playback requests.
"what:alarm;" - The operation concerns only requests for sound playback from the alarm subsystem.
"what:player;" - The operation concerns only requests for sound playback, that have been queued to the sound server by the Pm.PlaySound method.
This method is not functional for Web panels in JavaScript language (and therefore it is not working in Web panels).
See also:
Disabling all sound playback requests in the sound server.
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Pm.ControlSound "what:all;enable:0;"
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