Blinker - property of object Pm

Change of true and false value with the period specified by the Panels timer period configurator of the PmRoot object.

This method is obsolete (but functional) because it can be replaced by setting the item variable - see Example.

Blinker As Boolean
b = Pm.Blinker
Property access for read only. Common using is like a data binding to the selected item and his configurator Visible in the Panel editor. Then the item with such binding is blinking.
This property is not functional for Web panels.
The property Pm.Blinker can be replaced by setting the user variable of the item (this is also functional for Web panels). Procedure:

In the item that you want to blink, it is possible to create variable of the Boolean type, named e.g. Blinker. This variable can then be set in the event onRefresh:

JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oB = pMe.Vars("Blinker");
oB.Value = !oB.Value;
Then e.g. in the configurator Visible create data binding GP - Binding to the property of graphic item and set:
Select property: of this edited graphic item
Property: Vars("Blinker").Value
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