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LoggedUser - property of the Pm object

Returns the PmUser object, that represents the logged user.
Object LoggedUser
Property access for read only.
In the running application the property returns the currently logged local user (if there is no local user logged-in, then the compensatory user is returned, that represents the non logged user).

This method is not functional in Web panels. Instead of this, it is possible to use the following in the Web panel:
- The "UP - Logged user property" data binding or
- Call the designer's method of the PmaPanel object (see the "Methods" tab). The user information is not available directly from the client in the Web panel. Calling this method initiates communication with the server, the method is executed on the server, and via the pContext.User parameter it finds and returns the requested information. Calling this method returns the requested information after communication with the server.
See also:
- PmUser (object)
- The "UP - Logged user property" data binding
Detects whether there is a logged-in local user
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if (Pm.IsValid(Pm.LoggedUser.Id))
// ...
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