Time - property of object Pm

Value of the system computer time
Time As Date
t = Pm.Time
Property access for read and write.

The time precision is in milliseconds (20 ms in OS Windows XP), while the precision of the VBScript.Now function is in seconds.

By this property the time can be even set up if the permission for changing the time is set in OS Windows. It is not recommended to set the time unnecessarily too often.

If the time change is greater than 5 seconds when its setting, then the PmRoot.onTimeChange event fires.

This property is also functional for Web panels. It is not functional in InternetExplorer8 and lower. For Web panels this property is read only. The property is functional also in Macro expression $.expr.
Time shifting to 1 hour forward. At first the current time is read, then 1 hour is added to it (the Date data type is in fact a real number where the value 1.0 means 1 day) and the result is stored and thereby time on PC is changed.
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

Pm.Time = Pm.Time + (1.0 / 24.0)
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