TestUserInGroup - method of object Pm

Test if the user is or isn't a member of the user group.
TestUserInGroup(nType As Long, sGroups As String, [sUserId As String]) As Boolean
b = Pm.TestUserInGroup(nType, sGroup, sUserId)
nType(Long) Type of the tested user
0 - as a user the local user is used
1 - as a user the value of the sUserId parameter is used
sGroups(String) The list of identifiers of the user groups (separated with comma ',') where the user is searched.
sUserId[optional] (String) Identifier of the local or network user
Return Values:
true - the user is a member of any listed group
false - the user isn't a member of any listed group
If the designer creates a permissions system in the application based on logical user groups, then the method enables to test from a script if the logged-on (or else) user is a member of the group.
This method is not functional yet for Web panels.
Test if the local user is a member of the $OPER or $ADMIN group
VBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

If Pm.TestUserInGroup(0, "$OPER,$ADMIN") Then
End If
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