ClockStart - method of the Pm object

Starting the time clock.
Double ClockStart([Boolean bGlobal])
bGlobal[optional] (Boolean) timing type
true (default) - Global timing. Thus it is possible to perform only one timing at the given time.
false - Local timing. Thus it is possible to perform even more timings at a time.
The method serves to starting the time clock. In the case of local timing it is necessary to store the value returned when calling the method and to pass the stored value as a parameter in the subsequent calling of the ClockStop method. The ClockStop method serves to stopping the time clock. By the ClockStart and ClockStop methods it is possible to determine the action time with the precision of microseconds. In the case of global timing it dumps the measured time into the Debug item of the INFO system.

This method is functional also in Macro expression $.expr and in the onDraw event of the PmgCanvas object.
This method is not functional in Web panels.
See also:
- Pm.ClockStop (method)
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// ...
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var nClock, nTime;
nClock = Pm.ClockStart(true);
// ...
nTime = Pm.ClockStop(nClock);
Pm.Debug("Time=" + nTime);
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