WndLogoff - method of the Pm object

Displays the Logging off the user window.
Empty WndLogoff(Boolean bShow)
bShow(Boolean) Value of the parameter.
true - open the window
false - close the window
Closing of the window is not implemented in the meantime (for any value of the bShow parameter, the window will be opened).

This method is also functional in Web panels. There should always be a logged-in user on the Web and therefore this method does the same thing as the Pm.WndLogon method - opens user login window.
In order to make the method correctly functional in the Web panel, it is necessary to configure the panel (PmaPanel object) to have the "WebRead" permission (to force the network user to login into the browser). It is also recommended check the "Strict mode of network users login into the application requiring the use of both name and password" configurator in the PmaWeb object.
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Pm8.00.02: Available for Web panels.
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