InfoWriteToFile - method of object Pm

The method writes the content of the page in the INFO system into the text file. It performs it in the same way as the action after clicking the button "Print to file" in the INFO system window.
InfoWriteToFile(sInfoPath As String, sInfoName As String, sFile As String, bAdd As Boolean) As Boolean
b = Pm.InfoWriteToFile(sInfoPath, sInfoName, sFile, bAdd)
sInfoPath(String) Path to the INFO item. It is for example "COMM/PmModbusMr_0" for communication.

Caution: this isn't a path in the PROMOTIC objects tree. This is the path in the tree when viewing the INFO system!

sInfoName(String) Name of the INFO item, which is the name of the page in the INFO system. It is for example "Monitor" for "COMM/driver" item.

If "$all" is entered, then the write is executed for all pages contained in corresponding INFO item.

sFile(String) Path and filename where data have to be written.

It is recommended to use the PROMOTIC path syntax - see PROMOTIC path to files and folders.

bAdd(Boolean) true means add to the file, false means to overwrite the file.
Return Values:
true - operation passed successfully
false - operation failed
This method is not functional for Web panels.
Add the list of global errors into the Info.txt text file in the application folder.
Pm.InfoWriteToFile "Errors", "Global", "#app:Info.txt", true
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