InfoAction - method of the Pm object

Calling the action over the item in the INFO system.
Boolean InfoAction(String sInfoPath, String sInfoName, Long nAction)
sInfoPath(String) Path to the item of the INFO system. It is for example "COMM/PmModbusMr_0" for communication.
sInfoName(String) The item name of the INFO system (the name of the tab in the INFO system). It is for example "Monitor" for "COMM/driver" item.
nAction(Long) Action number that has to be carried out over the item. Only the value 0 is meaningful in the meantime.
Return value:
Returns the true value on success, otherwise returns the false value.
by the right mouse button it is possible to open the local menu over some pages in the INFO system and then to start an action in this menu. There can be even more actions in the menu.
If we index the actions from 0, then a number can be assigned to each action. The InfoAction method allows to start the action (by setting its number) in the script.
The method has the practical exercise so far only for items that enable cleanup (erasing the content). These actions are in the items of the INFO system as for example Debug, "COMM/driver" - the "Monitor" tab, etc. These actions are always in the first place of the menu and hence they have the number 0.

This method is not functional in Web panels.
Cleaning up all rows in the "Debug" item of the INFO system:
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Pm.InfoAction("Debug", "Debug1", 0);
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