GetRtLangs - method of the Pm object

Returns the list of all national languages supported in the application. See PmaRoot > Application > All used languages.
The list is especially useful for Opening the viewer for option selection (/#glob/list). It allows to easily create the selection menu allowing the users to swith languages in the application runtime.
Variant GetRtLangs(String sParams)
sParams(String) Additional parameters for specifying the format of output data. Entries are in the KeyVal format.
"what:xx;" (mandatory) - Specifies the format of output data. For example "what:idlist;".
"what:idlist;" - Returns the list of identified national languages in the form of a text string (the separator is comma ',').
"what:idtitlearray;" - Returns the list of national language identifiers as 2-dimensional array that is suitable for displaying as a selection menu using the Opening the viewer for option selection (/#glob/list). Each row represents one national language. The column represents the identifier and localized language names.
Return value:
The output list is in the form of a text string or 2-dimensional array.
This method is also functional in Web panels.
Displays the selection menu of all national languages.
In the sLang variable, there will be:
- string containing the identifier of selected national language (e.g. "en", "de" ..., see How to create an application using different national languages)
- or an empty string if no selection was completed (if Cancel).
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function onViewClose(ev)
if (ev.CloseReason == "ok")
var sLang = ev.ReturnValue;
if (Pm.IsValid(sLang))
Pm.RtLang = sLang;

var aLangs = Pm.GetRtLangs("what:idtitlearray;");
var oCreator = Pm.CreateView(null, "/#glob/list", "autoselect:0;grid:1;title:Selection;", "target:_blank;modal:1;pos:view," + pMe.ViewX + "," + pMe.ViewY + ";");
oCreator.View.list = aLangs;
oCreator.View.onClose = onViewClose;

Pm9.00.02: Available for Web panels.
Pm8.02.00: Created
PROMOTIC 9.0.27 SCADA system documentation MICROSYS, spol. s r.o.

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