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ReturnValue - property of the PmgRoot object

The output value on closing the panel.
Variant ReturnValue
Property access for read and write.
This property is also functional in Web panels.

Defining this value is often important, for example, if opening a modal window for data editing. The ReturnValue property is then used as output value.
See How to work with modal windows.

If the OpenView method was used to open this panel and the oExtra.onClose entry was defined, then while closing this panel the designer's method defined here is executed. This designer's method has two parameters oSystem and oPrivate represented by PmMap type objects. The output value of the closed pan can be obtained in this method using the oSystem.ReturnValue property.

For the old procedure of a modal window opening by the PmaPanel.OpenViewModal method, this value is used as method return value.

This property can be set, for example, in the onPanelStopEnd event when the panel is being closed. But it can also be set any time before that.
See also:
- PmgRoot.Arguments (property)
Sets an array of three values into the output value.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var val0 = 1024;
var val1 = 3.14;
var val2 = "text";
pMe.Root.ReturnValue = Pm.Array1(val0, val1, val2);

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