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Panel - tab of the PmgRoot object

Panel size setting.
Panel widthPanel width (in pixels).
Panel heightPanel height (in pixels).
Extend subobjectsBy this button it is possible to do a continuous extension of the panel area size (position and size of all Pmg objects) in order to make all Pmg objects to fit into the entered panel size.
Display resolutionThe information regarding resolution of the display that is currently being used. The value is in the form "width x height" (in pixels).
Panel background imageIf checked, then the background image is enabled. The background of a panel doesn't need to be only single-color area, an image can be used instead, for example an operational scheme.
EditThe button opens a configuration window for editing the PmgRasterImage object that will be used as panel background. The button is displayed only if the background image is enabled.
Background color of the panelThis configurator sets the initial value of the BgColor property.
Focus frame colorThis configurator sets the initial value of the FocusColor property.
Show gridIf checked, then the grid will be displayed in the development environment of the panel. The grid configurators affect only in the development environment. These are not used in runtime.
The grid (or raster) can be rendered in the panel. This grid (if turned on) allows to place the Pmg objects on the desktop easily by sticking the edges to the grid intersection points thus aligning them. If the grid is visible, then the editor would not allow the user to place or resize an object arbitrary not respecting the grid intersections - the Pmg object sticks. (this is not true for Pmg objects embedded into other Pmg objects).
The grit can also be set in the toolbar in the "(Raster)" item.
Raster colorGrid color
Raster sizeDistance between lines (in pixels).
The panel size is presented graphically by the horizontal and vertical line for better orientation when placing Pmg objects. The entered value of the panel size is not an option of the display resolution but the option of the total size of the area where Pmg objects are drawn.
If the value entered here is greater than the size of the client window area in Windows OS, then the scrollbars are displayed in this window in runtime.
If it isn't required to show the scrollbars in the window, then it is necessary to enter the panel size equal to the size of the client window area (into which the panel is drawn in runtime).

Pm9.00.23: The "Object" tab was added to the PmgRoot object. Configurators belonging to into the "Object" tab were removed from the "Panel" tab.
- New "Background color of the panel" configurator. Replaces the BackgroundColor variable of the PmgRoot object. The variable is removed from the list of variables after the conversion.
- New "Focus frame color" configurator. Replaces the FocusColor variable of the PmgRoot object. The variable is removed from the list of variables after the conversion.
Pm8.03.00: Created
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