Object - tab of the PmgObject object

This tab with its configurators is common for all Pmg objects except for: PmgRoot and PmgInstance.
Object nameName (identifier) of the Pmg object. It is used to obtain the Pmg object by the PmgObject.Items method.
This configurator sets the initial value of the Name property.
The maximum name length is 30 characters. This is a system name, so it must contain only alphanumeric and must not contain any diacritics, empty string, spaces and the first character must not be a number.
Object typePmg object type.
Object pathObject name including full path. This text can be inserted as first argument of the PmgObject.Items method. See GetPathName method.
Text editing of the objectOpens the "Text editing of the object" configuration window where the content of the object can be viewed and edited in the text form.
VisibleSpecifies whether the Pmg object is visible (and thus active) in the runtime mode.
This configurator sets the initial value of the Visible property.
Control enabledIf checked, then actions over the Pmg object as for example mouse clicking, editing, etc. are functional (default).
If not checked, then the object (and its subobjects) does not get the focus and the events will not be triggered for example: onFocusIn, onFocusOut, onKeyPress, onMousePress, onMenuFill, onButtonUp ...
This configurator sets the initial value of the Enabled property.
Draw object backgroundIf checked, then the object is drawn by the following way: at first the object background is drawn (transparent space in the Pmg object) and then the Pmg object itself is drawn. Thus it must be checked if the Pmg object background has to be re-drawn when the object is re-drawn.
Render outline frame around the focused objectIf checked, then the outline frame is rendered (thin rectangle around object) if the object gets focus.
Open the local menu also by left mouse buttonIf checked, then the local menu of the Pmg object can be displayed also by the left mouse button or the space key. The default way to open the local menu of the Pmg object is by the right mouse button.
The local Pmg object menu can be created by filling in the events: onMenuFill and onMenuSelect (see Example in the description of the AddMenu object).
Pmg object parametersList and configuration of user defined object parameters.
This is a text in the KeyVal format.
Tooltip textHere a text for the quick help (tooltip) is entered that is displayed in the running application (if conditions for calling the tooltip are met). It means that if the mouse cursor remains over the Pmg object for one second, then a small box with the entered text appears. This box vanishes after some time (about 15 seconds) by itself.

- There can be multi-line text. The new line is entered by the Ctrl+Enter key.
- This configurator sets the initial value of the ToolTip property.
- Macro expression can be used for input ($.text ..) (it is evaluated while the window is opening).
- This configurator is not functional for:
- PmgRoot object.
- PmgRasterImage object, that represents the background in the PmgRoot object - see the "PmgRoot > Panel" configurator.
Disable object ...The following configurators are used for disabling visibility of the Pmg object in the runtime mode in some display mode.
The desired display mode can be simulated in the toolbar of the graphics editor, (Display mode selection) item.
Disable object in the runtime modeIf checked, then the Pmg object is not used in the runtime mode. In this case the following disabling configurators make no difference.
This configurator can also be modified from the context menus:
Disable object in local panelIf checked, then the Pmg object is not used in the runtime mode for showing in the window of the PmaPanel object.
Disable object in Web panelIf checked, then the Pmg object is not used in the runtime mode for showing on the Web.
Disable object in the printIf checked, then the Pmg object is not used in the runtime mode for printing the panel.
Open panel can be printed internaly by the PmgRoot.Print method, closed panel can be printed by the PmaPanel.Print method.
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