Pmg objects

The Pmg object is an object that can be created in the graphics editor. It is the basic construction element of the PROMOTIC system application panel (of the PmaPanel object). By means of Pmg objects an application panel can be created that serves for the visualization of data, for entering values, controlling, etc.
The Pmg object can be inserted into the panel from the "Pmg objects preconfigurations" window.

Basic terms:
Window Pmg object: This object creates its own sub-window (this window has the same dimensions as the object itself) when drawing the panel whose parent is the window where the whole panel is drawn. That's why the window Pmg objects always overlap all common Pmg objects on the desktop independently on the background in which they were constructed.
Limitation when creating compound Pmg objects: objects cannot be nested into window Pmg objects.
A list of the window Pmg objects: PmgActiveX, PmgWEdit, PmgWCheck, PmgWCombo, PmgFrame and PmgVideo.
Selected Pmg objects: This object is bound by a set of points (2 to 8 according to the object type) in the shape of small squares. There can be more marked objects together. The selected object can be at the same time even the active object. How to mark Pmg objects - see: Basic control of the graphics editor.
Active Pmg object: It is an object on which the mouse cursor was placed in a moment of pressing by the left or by the right mouse button. The name of this object is written to the status line on each change of the mouse cursor. The active Pmg object can be the selected object at the same time.

List of Pmg objects of the PROMOTIC system:
PmgAlarmStateViewerAlarm state viewer
PmgAlarmHistoryViewerAlarm history viewer
PmgAnimImage(Animated image) Displays images from the file (*.gif)
PmgActiveX(ActiveX) It is used for displaying the graphic ActiveX object from different sources
PmgBar(Bar) Displays a value in the form of a graphic bar level
PmgBarBox(Vertical (Horizontal) bar meter with title) Displays the value of a variable by the bar level
PmgButton(One-state button) One-state button for starting script
PmgRadioButton(Radio buttons with title/without title) It is used for selection of one from items
PmgButtonState(Two-states button) Button determined for toggling two states
PmgCanvas(Drawing canvas) Drawing canvas
PmgEllipse(Ellipse, Circle) It is used for drawing ellipses and circles
PmgEventViewerEvent viewer
PmgForm(Value entry form) Value entry form
PmgInstance(Instance) Instance of the prototype (template), i.e. the instance of the PmgPrototype object
PmgObject(Parent of all Pmg objects) Parent of all Pmg objects
PmgLine(Line horizontal, vertical) Drawing flat single lines
PmgLine3D(3D line horizontal, vertical) It is used for drawing a shadow 3D line
PmgNumber(Number) Displays numeric values
PmgBox(Box with title, without title, border) It is used mainly for grouping more Pmg objects
PmgMeterBox(Panel meter with title) Displays the measured variable value as at analog panel meters (obsolete)
PmgPipe(Pipeline) Showing pipeline in the panel
PmgPrototype(Prototype) Template for an instance, i.e. for the PmgInstance object.
PmgRasterImage(Raster image) Displays image from the file (png, jpg, svg, bmp, gif, tif, wmf, ...)
PmgRectangle(Rectangle, Square) Drawing rectangles and squares
PmgRoot(Panel graphic) Panel graphic
PmgShape(Shape) Drawing freeform (e.g. polygon) (obsolete)
PmgSlider(Slider) Entering numeric value in the form of slider
PmgSliderBox(Slider with scale) Enter values in the form of the slider with scale
PmgString(Text) Displays text string
PmgTrendViewer(Trend viewer) Displays trend data in graph or table form
PmgVideo(Video player) Playing video files (*.avi,*.mpg,...)
PmgWCombo(ComboBox) Setting values selected from the dropdown menu list
PmgWEdit(EditBox) Displays text value
PmgFrame(Frame for other browsers) Displays the viewer of the Promotic object
PmgWCheck(Checkbox) It serves for entering boolean value YES/NO (obsolete)
PmgWTable(Table) Displays data by table form
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