Object PmgString (Text)

The object serves for displaying and editing text strings.
The object content can be linked up by a data binding in the "Value" configurator. Then the object displays the current value of any variable in the PROMOTIC system or the value of the common expression.
For displaying and entering the value a similar PmgWEdit object can be used (entering the value on the place in the object).
This object inherits properties, methods and events of the PmgBox object.
Properties and methods of this object:
ColorText Text color
FontId Font identifier
Multiline Enable/disable displaying the text on more than one line
Value Displayed value
Properties and methods inherited from the PmgBox object:
BorderType Type of the box border
BorderWidth Width of the box border
ColorDark Dark color of the 3D Pmg object border
ColorItem Background color of the box
ColorLight Light color of the 3D Pmg object border
Events of this object:
onDataEditAccept Is triggered after editing the object value is ended
onValueChanged Is triggered after changing the value of the object
Properties and methods inherited from the PmgObject:
onStart Is triggered on the construction of the Pmg object in the course of opening the panel
onStop Is triggered on the destruction of the Pmg object in the course of closing the panel
onRefresh Is triggered on the data refresh of the Pmg object
onKeyPress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the key of the keyboard
onMousePress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the left mouse button
onMenuFill Is triggered after pressing by the right mouse button over the Pmg object
onMenuSelect Is triggered on the selection of an item from the Pmg object local menu
onModeChange Is triggered when the Pmg object mode changes
onFocusIn Is triggered if the object receives focus
onFocusOut Is triggered if the object loses focus
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Position Setting the position, width and height of the Pmg object
Variables List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of designer's method of the Pmg object
Box Setting the background area of the Pmg object
Text Text properties.
See also:
- PmgNumber (object)

Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmiText -> PmgString
Pm8.03.23: Fixed bug: Editing in multirow mode.
Pm8.03.21: Improved font smoothing for big fonts (greater than 100px).
Pm8.03.10: Is now functional also for German localization setting of the OS Windows (where the number contains separator of thousands "period").
Pm8.02.06: Direct editing is now available (similar as in the PmgWEdit object). Before, it was possible to edit the value only by opening an extra window. See the "Type of editing" configurator.
Pm8.01.05: in the Web panel the "Value format type" configurator sometimes did not work if set to formatting rule of %f or %e.
Pm8.01.01: The Value property used to be of the String type, but now (according to the "Data type of entered value" configurator) returns the value of String, Integer or Float type. The old behavior can be activated in the "Always return String (obsolete)" configurator (the objects that are already existing will use the old setting so the behavior remains the same as before).
Pm8.01.00: new properties FontId and Multiline.
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