Object PmgLine (Line horizontal, vertical)

This object is determined for drawing flat single lines. For creating pointed line it is necessary to assemble it from several objects of the line type (the switched on grid ensures that individual lines concur to each other at breaking points). If you need to create a pointed line is the shape of a withdrawn rectangular (square), then you can use the object of the PmgRectangle type that is configured without padding. For more complex shapes see the PmgCanvas object.
This object adopts properties and methods of the PmgObject object.
Properties and methods:
Direction Path drawing direction
onFocusIn Is triggered if the object receives focus
onFocusOut Is triggered if the object loses focus
onKeyPress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the key of the keyboard
onMenuFill Is triggered after pressing by the right mouse button over the Pmg object
onMenuSelect Is triggered on the selection of an item from the Pmg object local menu
onModeChange Is triggered when the Pmg object mode changes
onMousePress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the left mouse button
onRefresh Is triggered on the data refresh of the Pmg object
onStart Is triggered on the construction of the Pmg object in the course of opening the panel
onStop Is triggered on the destruction of the Pmg object in the course of closing the panel
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Position Setting the position, width and height of the Pmg object
Variables List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of designer's method of the Pmg object
Line Line properties.

Pm8.03.09: It was not possible to move object if configured vertically or horizontally.
Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmiLine -> PmgLine
Pm8.03.21: Pattern (dotted line, etc.) is now functional also in Web panels.
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