Object PmgTrendViewer (Trend viewer)

See: PmgTrendViewer - Deatiled object description
Graphic Object used for viewing trends.
The whole panel containing this object used for viewing the trends including trend list table, the instrumental buttons, etc. can be created easily - see Preconfiguration "Trend viewer".
This object adopts properties and methods of the PmgObject object.
Properties and methods:
Action Performs the action in the trend viewer
AddServer Registration of server into list in the viewer
AddTrend Creates a new object of the tvTrend type
Autoscroll Enable/disable Autoscroll
AutoscrollRate Period of reading data in seconds while autoscroll is switched on
AutoscrollSize How much to scroll
AutoscrollSizeUnit Unit of the AutoscrollSize property values
AutoscrollType Automatic scroll type
BackgroundColor Background color of the viewer
CompressType Evaluation type for the data compression
CursorColor Color of the cursor
CursorTime Time referring to vertical cursor line
CursorTimeColor Color of the cursor label time
CursorTimeLocation Cursor time location
CursorType Cursor type, its appearance
DataTimeout Maximum time to wait for data
DlgTrends Opens the window for runtime configuration of trend viewer
Draw Redrawing of whole object
FindTrend Searching object of the tvTrend type
GetCfg Returns current values of configuration data of the viewer and displayed treds
GetState Returns viewer state
GetStateText Returns the current state of the viewer in text form
GraphInit Returns tvGraph object - initializing object for drawing
GridTime Returns object of the tvGrid type (vertical lines of grid on time axis)
GridValue Returns object of the tvGrid type (horizontal lines of grid on value axis)
InsertTrend Creates a new object of the tvTrend type
LastCfgSrc Reference to recently loaded configuration file
LastCfgTitle The name of the recently loaded configuration file
LastErr Numeric code of the last risen error
LastErrText Text of the last risen error
LoadCfg Reading configuration data of the viewer
PointsMaxVisibleCount Maximum number of displayed points in viewer range
ReadData Sending the request for current data
RemoveAllTrends Deletes all trends
RemoveTrend Removes the specified trend
SaveCfg Saving current configuration data of the viewer
SaveToHtm Creates an HTML page for data of the viewer
ScaleTime Returns object of the tvScale type (time scale)
ScaleValue Returns object of the tvScale type (value scale)
ScrollTime Scroll of the viewer on the time scale
ScrollValue Scroll of the viewer on value scale
SetUserControl Enables/disables the user control of the viewer
TableHeadBgColor Background color of head in the table mode
TableHeadFont Font of head legends in the table mode
TableHeadRowHigh Height of head row in the table mode
TableHeadTextColor Color of head legends in the table mode
TableOper Setting some parameters in the table mode
TableRowHigh Height of data row in the table mode
TableTimeBgColor Background color of time column in the table mode
TableTimeColumnWidth Width of time column in the table mode
TableTimeFont Font of time column in the table mode
TableTimeFormat Format of time column values in the table mode
TableTimeFormatType Format type of time column values in the table mode
TableTimeTextColor Color of time column values in the table mode
TimeMax Time of viewer right edge
TimeMin Time of viewer left edge
TimeSetType Type of input time values in viewer methods
TimeType Type of values on horizontal axis (time or number)
TimeZoomMax Maximum limit of viewer time axis range
TimeZoomMaxForPoints Maximum limit of viewer time axis range for displaying points
TimeZoomMaxForValues Maximum limit of viewer time axis range for displaying point values
TimeZoomMin Minimum limit of viewer time axis range
TimeZoomMinForCompress Minimum range of viewer time axis range for displaying calculated points
TrendActive Index of active tvTrend object
TrendArea Returns tvTrendArea object (trends area)
Trends Returns tvTrend object
TrendsCount Returns number of tvTrend subobjects
ValueZoomMode Value axis range setup method
ViewMode Switches from/to the table mode
ZoomTime Change of range, viewer zoom on time scale
ZoomValue Zooming trends on value scale
onCursorTimeChange Is triggered when time on vertical cursor line position changed
onDataTrendReady Is triggered when viewer got data from server
onError Is triggered if error occured in the viewer
onFocusIn Is triggered if the object receives focus
onFocusOut Is triggered if the object loses focus
onKeyPress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the key of the keyboard
onMenuFill Is triggered after pressing by the right mouse button over the Pmg object
onMenuSelect Is triggered on the selection of an item from the Pmg object local menu
onModeChange Is triggered when the Pmg object mode changes
onMouseArea Is triggered when user clicked into the graph drawing area by the mouse
onMousePress Is triggered after pressing or releasing the left mouse button
onReadData Is triggered any time when viewer asks for new data
onRefresh Is triggered on the data refresh of the Pmg object
onStart Is triggered on the construction of the Pmg object in the course of opening the panel
onStop Is triggered on the destruction of the Pmg object in the course of closing the panel
onTimeChange Is triggered when begin or end time of viewer changed
onTrendParamsChange Is triggered on viewer start or if basic parameter of one of the tvTrend type object has been changed
Related objects:
tvTrendArea(TrendViewer area) Object represents area where graphs are drawn
tvGraph(TrendViewer graph) The object for drawing trend
tvGrid(TrendViewer grid) Object that represents grid lines
tvPoints(TrendViewer points) Object that holds data points of trend
tvScale(TrendViewer scale) Object represents a scale
tvTicks(TrendViewer scale ticks) Object for configuration of scale ticks or grid lines layout
tvTrend(TrendsView trend) Object represents one trend variable
Configuration tabs:
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the Pmg object in the XML form
Position Setting the position, width and height of the Pmg object
Variables List and configuration of user defined Pmg object variables
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of designer's method of the Pmg object
Box Setting the background area of the Pmg object
Viewer Trend viewer basic parameters setup
Trends Create and edit a list of trends
Appearance Appearance setup of individual parts of the trend viewer.

Pm9.00.14: Modified preconfiguration controls, added context menu in the viewer and new function for displaying values of the active trend as a table in new window.
Pm9.00.08: It allows to connect to HTTPS servers
Pm9.00.05: When displaying the value (Label)
- for long names the buffer of 101 characters could overflow and cause malfunction
- the accuracy mask had only 6 places. When trying to display to many decimal digits only the whole number was shown.
Pm9.00.00: Object name changed: PmiAx-TrendsView -> PmgTrendViewer
Pm8.03.29: Fixed bug: for Web panels
Pm8.03.22: Fixed bug: in Web panels:
- Improved transition between standard and daylight saving time.
- Repeated calling the RemoveAllTrends method did not work.
- Setting the properties ValueMin and ValueMax in reversed order caused the scale to flip.
Pm8.03.20: Fixed bug: Web panels - Trends can now be viewed also from other PROMOTIC applications.
Pm8.03.17: Web panels - In Chrome browser, the configuration of trends (colours, styles etc.) is now functional.
Pm8.03.14: Web panel - in JavaScript Web panels:
- The "PmgTrendViewer > Value axis grid > Line type" configurator is now functional.
- Fixed bug: if tvTrend was set as invisible in the configuration file, then it was still visible on the Web.
- Fixed bug: The RemoveAllTrends method generated error if no trend was present.
- showing a trend description on the cursor position now including the timestamp - see SetUserControl("click:showvaltimename(trend=all)").
Pm8.03.13: in JavaScript Web panels:
- Fixed bug: Chart of the Constant type was not rendered correctly under some conditions.
- Fixed bug: Texts rendered next to points were not appearing beneath each other but were overlaping.
Pm8.03.11: Bugfix vulnerability of this object in HTML pages.
Pm8.03.07: Fixed bug: in JavaScript Web panels: sometimes did not render correctly in Chrome browser.
Pm8.03.06: Fixed bug: in JavaScript Web panels:
- Rendering when no trend was connected.
- Rendering when scrolling in the table mode.
Pm8.03.05: Fixed bug: While configuring the object the panel editor sometimes failed (bug since Pm8.3.4 version).
Pm8.03.04: in JavaScript panels:
- Improved values rendering in trends after mouseclick.
Pm8.02.16: in JavaScript panels: Minor bugfixes and improvements.
The printing in the table mode used incorrect formatting.
- Trend printing from Web browser is now functional by using the methods SaveToHtm and Pm.PrintHtmlPage. The print button in the preconfiguration of the trend viewer is now configured correctly.
- Several rendering bugfixes.
Pm8.02.14: in JavaScript panels:
- The scale background color is now functional (the "Background color" configurator).
- The CursorTime and CursorValue properties are now functional.
- The onCursorTimeChange event is now functional.
Pm8.02.13: emulated in HTML (i.e. in JavaScript panels):
- The time is now displayed on mouse cursor.
- Bugfix in the AddTrend method.
Pm8.02.12: emulated in HTML (i.e. in JavaScript panels):
- The TimeMin and TimeMax properties are now functional
- Table view of trends is now functional
- sometimes the SaveCfg and LoadCfg methods did not work (bug since Pm8.1.5 version).
- The SaveToHtm method did not work on the Web.
- The autoscroll stopped if the time was changed from normal to daylight saving time.
Pm8.01.04: flickering of axis descriptors when filling graphs with large number of points has been removed.
- converted to Unicode.
- The LoadCfg method: may now contain the "" option allowing to read the group by unified way both locally and on the Web.
Pm8.00.09: Fixed bug: on the Web, it was not possible to add new trends manually.
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