Vars - method of the PmgObject object

Returns the variable of the Pmg object. See Variables of the Pmg object.
Object Vars(Variant id)
id(Variant) Specifies the variable. The value je:
- Name (String, case sensitive text, for example "d1") or
- Index (Long, zero-based index)
The Pmg object variables are defined on the "Variables" tab.
This method is also functional in Web panels.

Tip! Pmg object variable can be obtained also directly by the Items method by using the extended path input via #vars.
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// Setting the numeric value into the property of the types Double, Integer, Boolean, etc.
oObject.Vars("Numvar").Value = 1;

// Setting the color into the Colorvar variable of the Color type.
oObject.Vars("Colorvar").Value = "#ff0000";

// Setting the font into the Fontvar variable of the Font type.
oObject.Vars("Fontvar").Value = "PmSmallBold";

Pm9.00.25: The id parameter allows to specify the variable also by the index.
Pm8.02.00: (Changed to object.) of the Pmg object now does not return the value of the object variable, but returns an object representing such variable. Only the Vars.Value property returns the variable value. This modification allows to write into variables also in the Web panel.
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