Enabled - property of the PmgObject object

Enable/disable any control, i.e. user entry to the object or its subobjects.
Boolean Enabled
true - object captures events triggered by the user (by clicking the mouse, pressing the key, etc.)
false - object doesn't capture any event that is triggered by the user
Property access for read and write. The default value of this property is defined in the "Control enabled" configurator of this object.
This property is also functional in Web panels.

If this property is changed the onModeChange event is triggered.
JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oObject = pMe.Items("/Txt0");

var bEnabled = oObject.Enabled;   // Reading from the property
oObject.Enabled = true;   // Writing into the property

Pm8.03.26: Fixed bug: Sometimes did not work if set in the script or by data binding.
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