Blink - method of the PmgObject object

Starts/stops blinking of the Pmg object.
If it is called repeatedly, then it allows to change blinking parameters or to stop blinking.
Empty Blink(Long nDelay, Long nPeriod)
nDelay(Long) Length of blinking
-1 - infinite long
0 - don't blink = stop blinking
greater than 0 - blink for the assigned time in seconds
nPeriod(Long) The period of blinking. It is set as the multiple of the panel refresh period. For example, 2 means that blinking happens every second period of the panel refresh.
This method is not functional in Web panels.
This method is not functional for object: PmgRoot.
It runs blinking for infinite time. The blinking period is determined by the period of each panel refresh.
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var oObject = pMe.Items("/Txt0");
oObject.Blink(-1, 1);
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