LastCfgTitle - property of the PmgTrendViewer object

The name of the recently loaded configuration file when the LoadCfg method is called.
String LastCfgTitle
sTitle = oTView.LastCfgTitle
Property access for read only. The name of the configuration group of trends (read from the *.tg or *.xml file) is saved into this property each time when calling the LoadCfg method. This name is read from the content of the *.tg file. When creating the *.tg file (by the SaveCfg method) this name is not included in the file, it is necessary to add it into the file in any ASCII editor, for example, as follows
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <cfgtitle>Name of configuration group</cfgtitle>
In this example, the name of the configuration group is added in the following line
      <cfgtitle>Name of configuration group</cfgtitle>
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JavaScriptVBScriptSelect and copy to clipboard

var oTView = pMe.Items("../TrendView");
var sTitle = oTView.LastCfgTitle;
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